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The British Olympic Association (BOA) are responsible for delivering the British Olympic athletes; Team GB to the Olympic Games. As well as sports engagement, science and logistics, the BOA are also responsible for all media, brand and commercial activity. From 2010 to 2013 I worked with the BOA as Creative Lead, delivering the London 2012 campaign, both strategy and execution.

The campaign challenge was to create the best support for a British team ever. A Home Games gave a home advantage. The support of domestic fans had shown to deliver a surge in medals for the host nations at previous Games.

The aim was to connect the nation to Team GB.


02 – TEAM GB

In Autumn of 2010, research showed that few people in the UK really felt any connection with Team GB. There was little understanding of the basics such as the size of the team. Beyond recent success stories such as rowing, cycling, swimming and athletics, few people could identify the other 22 sports that Team GB was set to compete in. 

In order to create the support base we wanted; we had to inform, engage and then inspire people of all ages, from across Great Britain and Northern Ireland, starting with the basics.



At London 2012, Team GB and ParalympicsGB were set to compete in our first Home Games for over 60 years as the largest, best prepared, best equipped, best supported and most ambitious group of elite sportsmen and women to represent GB and NI. This is Our Greatest Team. 

We invited everyone to join Our Greatest Team and create the best support for a British Team ever - a team that comprised 900 athletes, and was 60 million strong with the support of the whole nation behind them.



The creative execution for much of the campaign identity was inspired by street art, more specifically stencil art; a global art movement popularised by artists such as Blek le Rat and Banksy. 

Team GB wanted to make its mark on London and assert the historic, territorial and moral right to ‘own’ the Olympic venues at London 2012. Large stencils of Team GB Olympic heroes from different sports were superimposed onto the iconic venues of London 2012 to create a series of graphics used throughout the campaign.



Before any athletes were selected for Team GB, we recruited our most successful British Olympic athletes from previous Games to become our London 2012 Team GB Ambassadors. They helped to engage the nation and prepare the athletes by sharing their thoughts and experiences in preparation for the Games.

Our ‘Great Britons’ campaign played a key part in the run up to the Games. Famous faces from the world of television, music, comedy and the arts ventured out to meet Team GB. Through interviews, photoshoots, event appearances, or their social channels, our ‘Great Britons’ used their fan base to help galvanise the nation to support our home team.


06 – LONDON 2012

London 2012 Was an undeniable success for Team GB. At the time, the team succeeded in winning more medals across more sports than any other Games. 65 medals – 29 Gold, 17 Silver and 19 Bronze. Alongside that, the athletes and supporters experienced something incredibly unique as the nation united to show their support for Our Greatest Team, 900 athletes, 60 million strong.



Team GB House provided unprecedented operational support to enhance Team GB’s performance at London 2012. As well as facilities to directly support British athletes, families and coaches, it also incorporated areas to engage with key stakeholders including Olympic partners, media and supporters of Team GB.



Over 620% increase of Team GB followers during the Olympics Games

Over 35 million people engaged with #TeamGB and #OurGreatestTeam

#TeamGB averaged 1.8 million views per day, peaking at over 2.8 million

#OurGreatestTeam averaged 542,000 views per day, peaking at over 750,000

Over 60,000,000 people reached during the games on Facebook



Marked as the first truly Socialympic Games, London 2012 was the first Olympics told in 140 characters. The power was now with the fans to consume the Olympics the way they wanted to. This presented a strong opportunity for Team GB to engage the nation.

During the 17 days of London 2012, there were 306 billion pieces of content where shared across the open web. That is 208,233 shares per second.



97% awareness of Team GB

45% of respondents claim to be advocates and supporters of Team GB

83% of the UK population thought that the Olympics will have a positive impact on the UK and almost half of these people believe the effect will be long-term




The achievements and engagement throughout Team GB social channels were indicative of the national support and interest in Team GB as a group of elite sportsmen and women, but also our recognition as a leading sports brand on the global stage. 



7 out of 10 say Team GB athletes have replaced music stars and footballers as perfect role models

55% of Britons say Olympic Games are ‘well worth’ the investment for cheering the country

83% of the UK population thought that the Olympics will have a positive impact on the UK and almost half of these people believe the effect will be long-term



Team GB is now not only a group of successful athletes, it is also growing to become a recognised and celebrated sports brand in its own right.  

The positivity around their best performance in 104 years, coupled with pride in an Olympic Games successfully delivered on home soil, has led to a change in national opinion. Anyone who was in any doubt to the relevance or the importance of the Games was soon swept up in Team GB fervour. 

This national wave of support for Team GB indicates faith in a beneficial legacy from the Games. Team GB athletes performed with honour, respect and courage both on and off the field of play. Their sheer dedication and commitment has led to a surge in national pride throughout the country and this was seen again in Rio.


At the time of the interview I was know by a different surname.


10 – BBC

At one day to go until the opening ceremony of London 2012, I was interviewed live by BBC Olympic correspondent Adam Parsons, regarding my role at the British Olympic Association and the creation of the mascot and brand. 



The London 2012 Olympic Games was Team GB’s best performance for a century and un paralleled recognition and support both on home ground and around the world. 

Delivering outstanding performance on the field of play is always at the forefront of objectives, but of equal importance was the need to capitalise on the opportunities that the London 2012 Games had delivered and helping to meet the overall goal of the Games; to inspire a generation. Considering Rio 2016, they certainly did.


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